Unified Pool Solutions (TX616)  is regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

P.O. Box 12157 Austin, Texas 78711; 800.803.9202;www.license.state.tx.us/complaints

Weekly Cleaningincludes all basic chemicals and the following services

  • Skimming pool surface
  • Cleaning Tile
  • Brushing walls
  • Vacuuming as needed
  • Emptying skimmer and pump baskets, and cleaner bags
  • Testing and adjustment of chemical levels
  • Backwashing Filter as needed 
  • Inspecting the operation of all equipment

Filter Cleaning

  • Breakdown of Filter
  • Cleaning and Inspection of Internal Parts
  • Reassembly of Filter


  • Our technicians are equipped to diagnose and repair most brands of pool equipment.
  • Repairs are quoted by the job and most carry a one year warranty or more.  
  • Unified Pool Solutions also has a preferred network with local experienced, licensed, and insured sub-contractors in the areas of leak detection, surface repair, plumbing, and water feature installation and maintenance.  
  • Unified Pool Solutions holds all required licenses from the State of Texas, as well as additional certifications from International Pool and Spa Service Association and also maintains a Certified Pool /Spa Operator accreditation.
  • Unified Pool Solutions is fully insured.